Striving for perfection.

At NUBO we believe you can achieve more.

NUBO GmbH was created with the aim of developing a team of specialized professionals delivering great solutions using cloud technologies. Tired of the ongoing challenges with cloud computing solutions, Founder Patrick Lamber set out to put together a team of specialists regarding these topics.

Born in the foothills of the Italian Alps, NUBO was designed for leaders ' disruptors who want to define success differently; and who want confidence in the tools they use.

And now, the phase of NUBO is about challenging traditional thinking to deconstruct the relationship between your team. By designing simple interactions between you and your back of house processes, we set in motion positive change to transform the way you connect with your customers, collaborate with your team, and bring your ideas to life.

NUBO - Striving for perfection.

Patrick Lamber

Patrick Lamber

Patrick has been a NET Developer for over 15 years, where his work has and commitment helped him obtain the Microsoft MVP for the past years. Since the launch of SharePoint in 2007, Patrick has provided services to customers across consulting, development, training & development; and also Office 365 once it was launched as a service.

With a Masters in Computer Science, Patrick is the founder of NUBO, a team of SharePoint and Office 365 experts who create, design and provide the right solutions for their clients. Fluent in Italian, English and German, Patrick and his team have worked with a number of different companies from different sectors including Telecommunications, Retail, Sports, Energy, Healthcare and Government.

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Sergio Cappelletti

Sergio Cappelletti

Sergio has over 15 years of industry experience, with a focus on SharePoint since its inception in 2007. And four years ago, like the rest of the NUBO team, Sergio started to work on Office 365.

During his career, he has designed and implemented processes, which provide smooth and easy systems for Sales forecasts, Resource Planning, Costs Reporting and Training & Development for industries such as Telecommunications, FMCG and Retail.

At NUBO, Sergio is responsible for managing the implementation, migration, and training of Office 365 solutions - analyzing, testing and implementing specific Office 365 solutions to fulfill customers' needs and objectives.